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The High Priestess of Tinsel

just jen
10 May 1980
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I'm Jen. I'm a contradiction.

I'm a teacher, youth worker, homelessness campaign worker, samba drummer, guggenmusik player, pangendered pansexual.

I'm a Britcom devotee, raised on Morecambe and Wise, The Two Ronnies, Monty Python, The Goodies, Do Not Adjust Your Set. I fell in love with Red Dwarf at age 8, Reeves and Mortimer at age 11, and now find myself obsessed with a whole host of cult comedy shows such as The I.T. Crowd, The Mighty Boosh, Garth Marenghi's Darkplace, Snuff Box, The Now Show, Never Mind The Buzzcocks, Mock The Week, The Adam And Joe Show, Spaced, Black Books...I could go on, but I'm bored now.

If you wear baseball caps, watch Bo Selecta or listen to Galaxy FM, I will hate you on sight.
6 degrees of boosh, ad/bc, adam and joe, adam busch, adam buxton, akio/touga/saionji, amigurumi, andrew robinson, andrew/jonathan, andrew/warren, andrew/xander, anthy/utena, asylum, bagpuss, bananaman, barnsley, beauty and the geek, belly dancing, big wolf on campus, bill bailey, black books, boy meets world, boys in glasses, btvs, civilized debauchery, common rotation, crochet, cute boys in glasses, david marciano, david soul, dead man on campus, dead set, dee/ryo, discworld, doctor who, drunk and gay, ds9, due south, due south slash, dvds, dylan moran, eerie queerie, egl, elegant gothic lolita, evanescence, fake, fanfiction, folk music, fraser/vecchio, frasier, freaked, fruits basket, gaijin invasion, garth marenghi's darkplace, geek boys, geeks, genderqueer, good omens, goth, gothic, gravitation, greenbelt festival, groove/iver, guggen, guggen music, guggenmusik, hellsing, hobbits, hot geek-on-geek action, ian macmillan, iver, iver/groove, jaffa cakes, jessica stevenson, joe cornish, jonathan levinson, julian barratt, just a minute, kenny/larry, kerrang, larry/kenny, loligoth, manga, matt berry, matthew holness, merton/tommy, mornington crescent, my morning jacket, neil gaiman, never mind the buzzcocks, noel fielding, paul gross, paul michael glaser, piercings, placebo, poetry, poi spinning, pratchett, pretear, pulp, ray vecchio, reading, red dwarf, revolutionary girl utena, rhps, rich fulcher, richard ayoade, ritmo unido, robert rankin, rock profile, rosey/bauer, ryo/dee, saionji/touga, samba, saved by the bell, sci-fi, shooting stars, simon pegg, skins, slash, slater/zack, slings and arrows, snuff box, spaced, star trek, starsky and hutch, starsky/hutch, surrealissimo, tarot, teaching, tenacious d, terry pratchett, the goodies, the high life, the hoobs, the mighty boosh, the now show, the war at home, the wiggles, tommy/merton, touga/saionji, troika slash, type o negative, utena/anthy, velvet goldmine, warren/andrew, wiggleslash, writing, xander/andrew, zack/slater